More Free and Luxury in 2013

Lebih Bebas dan Mewah pada 2013
SPECIALEveryday clothes that seem casual does not mean can not look luxurious.
Development of the fashion trends can not be separated from the social conditions that exist in society. Technological, social, political, economic, or demographic can affect the line of clothing that will emerge as a trend. "Political and economic conditions may make people wary that eventually led to the dash for the adventurer," said Tri Grace, Creative Director BD A, a design consultant who chant about fashion trends in the seminar "Trend Forecasting 2013" in the Indonesia Fashion Week 2012, on Sunday (26/2).
Adventurer characters are translated in technological innovation that leads to outer space objects, while the economic conditions and political uncertainty mondorong people to seek freedom. In the world of fashion, wrapped adventurer in the realm of social and demographic character by taking the women who love style. These effects appear in a narcissistic fashion collection, limited, exclusive, and impressed the collaboration.In line with Tri, Dina Midiani, fashion designer members of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs (APPMI), said the social conditions of society are now less comfortable.
"This year we tend to be somewhat frustrated that there is a desire to escape," he said. Human behavior, not denied, indeed as if avoiding a recession and looking for the luxury.
Interestingly, these phenomena are happening in society that became the fashion trends in 2013. In the world of fashion, it is manifested in the form of a young child's fantasy full of action and adventure. Its realization is the hero characters or superheroes who had become an idol. In the world of fashion, hero figures emerge through strict silhouettes.
"The silhouette of the shoulders of the firm will come back," said Dina describe the silhouette of a redundant and gives the impression of luxury.
The more expressive
Silhouette of freedom, among others, came through dress styles of street children. Design clothes that do not "connect" with each other instead show the impression of more expressive. Through the street children's fashion, the designers the opportunity to mengolaborasikan memunyai some style into a new style of dress. In other words, the elements of older street children explored into other styles, such as performing art style. Design clothes that appeared to be a combination of Mediterranean elements with the left side of the nuances of color that catches the eye.
Meanwhile, the futuristic styles of clothing that came through the design of everyday use. "Or, an unimaginable luxury into the everyday clothing," said Dina. As a result, fashions designed by the Director of Indonesia's 2012 Fashion Week show up in an unusual design, good silhouettes, materials and color combinations. Silhouette is used in the form of the curve shapes are reminiscent of the celestial objects.
Clothes with dominant colors of black and silver motifs fitted or square wave. Motif is a shift motif carvings which gives the identity of luxury. The colors that appear stronger and more visible light to give the impression of a futuristic design.
The impression of luxury is not only displayed through forms and colors, but also its meaning. Everyday clothes that seem casual does not mean can not look luxurious. "Ordinary shirt may seem strange twist to the game or pattern to make it more fashionable silhouette," said Dina. In addition, the luxury of also arise through the selection of themes for safeguarding the environment to save energy.
In 2013 fashion trends, women appeared to have a very important role. That along with the development of social life, women have played a part in decision making. No wonder so many side effect of market appetite for women. New androgynous style also makes women as the main focus.
Emerging trend of women not align with the men. Women no longer had to wear a jacket or pants silhouette. Women have full confidence to express characters themselves. "The trend of direct products of women can be used by men," said Dina. Early daniswari

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