Newest fashion trends style Lace Abaya Syahrini

Abaya Renda Syahrini,Interesting?

Foto: Abaya Renda gold(emas) ala Syahrini, wawancara seusai ziarah ke makam ayahanda tercinta :)), Jakarta: Syahrini back. He had just flown home from the Holy Land pilgrimage. Interestingly, Syahrini back with the latest fashion trends. Whether because he was ahead of Ramadan or because the new home of worship, the trend this time smelling Islam creations.

Abaya Renda Syahrini name. Appropriate nickname, Syahrini Muslim dress style lace. It is white, not innocent because there are a number of ornaments decorated with sequins and delicate. Miss Bling-bling sure these clothes can explode in the market ahead of the Holy Month.

Currently, Syahrini has issued six trends that he pateni. The first trend that flourished in the community is something really well Alhamdulillah jargon. Second, kaftan-style Syahrini. Kaftan Syahrini may be imposed together with kaftan kaftan-other. However, if Syahrini taking, will be "something" because complete with shiny trinkets.

The third trend is the use Syahrini sparkling accessories. Ranging from shoes, necklace, bracelet, ring up, all shiny. He also earned the nickname Miss Bling Bling.

Fourth, most trends and being a warm conversation today, is the appearance that something Syahrini hair. Especially if not crested that he named his own? The first is the crested crested Equator. This crest could reap the pros and cons when Garuda team LA Galaxy host the recent past.

Second crest, crested Casablanca Tunnel. The name was taken on the grounds Syahrini just a fad. Although, even becoming a trend. Thank God, Miss Bling-bling, crested the Equator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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